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Daniel and Robert were already infected several years by melodic goa trance music and the steaming parties in those days before they founded the project Zerotonine in 1996. Two years later they released their first track on a goa trance  compilation from the german label trance medusa and played first gigs on parties in Berlin and Munich. After that, both started a productive cooperation with the german label Leviathan Records . This was followed by a lot of live gigs in west germany and Denmark as well as two vinyl releases by Leviathan. The Zerotonine live performances were very expensive - without computers, with a big (and heavy) range of electronic instruments. Furthermore Zerotonine had released the 12 inch vinyl "Acid Theater" by the danish label Iboga.
In the year 2001 followed a deal with the big german company Nova Tekk and Daniel and Robert released their album "Cygnus Loops" on the Nova Tekk sublabel Velvet inc. . The scene gave very good reviews to this record. Up to now,  the last pure Zerotonine vinyl came out in  the year 2002 on the german label "Society FX", founded by the friendly psychedelic project Charasmatix. With them and Tobias from Plasik Park, Zerotonine was invited to play on the "psychedelic boom odori" open air in Gumna/Japan. In the following years Daniel and Robert needed much time for "non psy" activities, and the creative output from the project was less. However, it came to interesting joint ventures with other projects - the track "collateral damage" with Charasmatix, or the u-boot berlin ep with Naked Tourist. In the year 2006 Zerotonine released in russia - the track "kazhad" came out on a  compilation  from the eastern label deja vu records.

among others, Zerotonine played at:
Zeche Bochum/Ger, Druckluft Oberhausen/Ger, Klangwelten OA Simmern/Ger, Luna Club Bochum/Ger, Funky Budda OA Isselburg/Ger, Tube Kopenhagen/DK, Nadraj Temple München/Ger, Rhein-Rur Zentrum Mühlheim/Ger, psychedelic boom odori OA Gumna/Jp, Die Insel Berlin/Ger...